US Secretary of State John Kerry Deliver his Dynamic speech On Bangladesh- US relation at Edward M. Kennedy center at Dhaka During his visit in Bangladesh.  He mentioned that climate change as an important issues for future Bangladesh. Here his full speech on climate change

`Now, we know that we are living in a very different and a very complicated time. The areas of the world most vulnerable to climate change are heavily populated, low-lying coastal regions that are also subject to devastating storms such as cyclones and hurricanes. This places Bangladesh near the very top of the countries at risk, with an estimated 15 million people who could be displaced by 2050. And that is why the United States, President Obama, myself, others are working so hard with local partners in order to try to create climate resiliency, to support renewable energy projects, build emergency centers, help with many millions of Bangladeshis who are economically dependent on coastal resources.


And as every one of you knows, the solution to climate change is not a secret. It’s right there for the grabbing. It’s energy policy. If you make the right energy policy choices, you solve the problem of climate change. Just today I talked with the prime minister and the foreign minister about the challenge of the Montreal Protocol and of being able to transition out of hydrofluorocarbons into the new technologies. And that alone will save us one half a degree centigrade in the warming of the Earth. So there are things we can do, and we need and want Bangladesh to be one of the countries that is at the top of the list of those who are fighting to make this transformation take place.'